Jan Kuhlemeier, Born 1993 in Renkum.

Jan Kuhlemeier is a Dutch artist and has his studio at “NieuweVide” Haarlem.

Jan Kuhlemeier (1993) draws inspiration from the behaviour of waves in water. The way water, in a liquid state absorbs energy from the elements and transforms this absorbed energy, resulting in the final and fenomenal event of a breaking wave fascinates him. He endeavours to capture the aesthetics and grace of this occurance by using painting as a framework and make it tangible for the viewer as well as creating a context for his concept.




“Summer Show” Gem 25/05/2018

“Spring Propositions” SBK Amsterdam 18/05/2018- 03/06/2018

Groupshow with: Ide Andre, Boris de Beijer, Babs Bleeker, Andrea Freckmann,

Danielle Hoogendoorn, Jan Kuhlemeier, Tobias Lengkeek, Sanja Marusic,

Dineke van Oosten, REM Atelier, Eva Roovers, Rik Smits en Hanae Wilke

“FORM UNFORMED” Assembled by root Rotterdam 12/04/2018 – 19/05/2018

Groupshow with: Daniël van Dijck, Philine van den Hul and Jan Kuhlemeier

curated by: Yvonne de Jong

“Nieuwe Vide studio’s#2, Jan Kuhlemeier – Periphery” Nieuwe Vide Haarlem

Groupshow with: Ide André, Daan den Houter, Vincent Uilenbroek, Jan Kuhlemeier

Curated by: Jan Kuhlemeier


“Vakwerk op maar II” Locatie Spatie Arnhem

Groupshow with: Jasper van der Graaf, Mathijs van Sark, Bart Koldewee, Jan Kuhlemeier, Kees Westerveld

Curated by: Kees Westerveld


“The new current” Rotterdam

Groushow with: Donald Schenkel, Sophie de vos, Philine van den hul, Jochem Esser, Lisa Blaauwbroek, Lisette Schumacher, Barbare Michelle Edelman, Janina Schipper, Allard Medema, Roel Pothoven, Vera Gulikers, Hilde Onis

Curated by: Yvonne de Jong and Sophie de Vos


“NachtExpo” Deventer

Bart Koldewee and Jan Kuhlemeier


Graduation exhibition Artez Arnhem

University Nijmegen

Group exhibition – University library at University of Utrecht

Artez institute of the Arts -Bachelor Fine art Arnhem